Made to be resistant to salt and fresh water, oxidation and extreme heat and cold, our marine products are used for maintaining all sizes and shapes of vessels and supporting equipment – from tugs to tow barges to boat launches – both in and out of the water.

Keeping in mind environmental and economic concerns, Jet-Lube’s marine products meet the high demands of regulatory bodies and our customers’ own specifications. Our products ensure things are running smoothly, so, no matter the conditions – Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific and everything in between – machinery and equipment run smoothly – protecting craft, cargo and crew.

Whether you are managing the operation of marine vessels either in support roles for offshore drilling or for the merchant fleet around the world, Jet-Lube is your source for the best lubricants and anti-seize, anti-corrosion products. Ship owners, operators and managers need a manufacturer who is reliable, flexible and really cares about your work environment.

Jet-Lube manufactures a range of very high-performance products for industrial, marine or mobile crane and equipment applications that are water miscible and bio-based environmentally friendly. These products and can be identified by the Eco-Certified logo.

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