Food Grade Products

Jet-Lube's high-performance and safe food grade products are highly recommended for industrial applications where lubricants may have incidental contact with editable products. Our food grade line consists of NSF Approved, and KOSHER / HALAL Certified products, and all are authorized to be used in food processing plants worldwide.

NSF Categories: A1: Compounds for use as a general cleaner, B2: Laundry compounds for fabrics not contacting food, C1 Compound for use on all surfaces in inedible product areas, non processing areas and/or exterior areas, H1 Lubricants with incidental contact, H2 Lubricants with no food contact, K1 Cleaning and/or degreasing solvents for use in non-processing areas, K2 Solvents for cleaning electronic instruments, P1 Miscellaneous products - refer to the Registration Letter for acceptable use.

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