Food Grade Products

Jet-Lube's high-performance and safe food grade products are highly recommended for industrial applications where lubricants may have incidental contact with editable products. Our food grade line consists of NSF Registered, KOSHER & HALAL Certified products, and all are authorized to be used in food processing plants worldwide.

NSF Categories: A1: Compounds for use as a general cleaner, B2: Laundry compounds for fabrics not contacting food, C1 Compound for use on all surfaces in inedible product areas, non processing areas and/or exterior areas, H1 Lubricants with incidental contact, H2 Lubricants with no food contact, K1 Cleaning and/or degreasing solvents for use in non-processing areas, K2 Solvents for cleaning electronic instruments, P1 Miscellaneous products - refer to the Registration Letter for acceptable use.

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