Food Grade Products <span>High-Performance and Food Grade Lubricants</span>

Jet-Lube's high-performance and safe food grade products are highly recommended for industrial applications where lubricants may have incidental contact with editable products. Our food grade line consists of NSF Registered, KOSHER & HALAL Certified products, and all are authorized to be used in food processing plants worldwide.

NSF, Kosher, and Halal Grade Lubricants

NSF Lubricants

NSF: Suitable for use where incidental contact with food may occur.

Kosher Lubricants

KOSHER: Ritually fit for use; selling or serving food ritually fit according to Jewish law.

Halal Lubricants

HALAL: Ritually fit for use according to Islamic law.

By learning more about Food Grade Lubricants and the lubrication industry's regulatory bodies and standards, facility managers will have a better idea about which lubricant to select, the safety practices that should be put into place and the best lubricant practices to follow in order to save money and energy. Moreover, adopting an "all-H1" lubrication program throughout the plant will help limit the risk of contamination problems, while delivering similar or better performance than conventional industrial oils.

Pair Food Grade Lubricants with Jet-Lube's Sister Reliability Brand, OilSafe for Proper Storage & Handling.

Food-grade Lubricant Selection

Learn crucial aspects of food-grade lubricant selection and care to ensure food safety compliance—simply fill out the form below to receive your free recording! Wes Cash with Noria and Steven Ingram with Jet-Lube provide valuable insights into food safety regulations, classification of food-grade lubricants, proper storage and handling techniques, and answer audience questions in a dedicated Q&A session.

You’ll learn:

  • ✔️Food Safety Regulations
  • ✔️Classification of Food-Grade Lubricants
  • ✔️Proper Storage and Handling Techniques
  • ✔️and much more!

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