Performance Anti-Seizes, Thread Compounds, Sealants & Lubricants


Jet-Lube is a global-recognized brand of lubricants and compounds for oilfield, industrial and water well markets. Its’ high-performance products withstand moderate to extreme environmental conditions and fit many application needs within industry. Since 1949.

Jet-Lube focuses strongly on producing high-quality anti-seizes & thread lubricants, cleaners & degreasers, drilling compounds, extreme pressure greases, extruded gasket compounds, food grade products, OCTG Products, open gear lubricants, sealing compounds, thread sealants, valve injectable packings, valve lubricants, water rehabilitation products and wire rope lubricants & oils.

Jet-Lube is a brand and registered trademark of Whitmore Manufacturing, LLC., an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Facility.

Testimonial from Katherine McGuire

We have seen rigs reduce their downtime, the threads on the pipe are not having as many issues and our customers are overall extremely happy since standardizing on Jet-Lube. Our clients know that we will always have this product on shelf and they know that it's going to be the same consistency no matter what, they know that they can trust the product that's being delivered and with that trust, they have trust in us.

Katherine McGuire GoExpedi
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Testimonial from Jim Carter

After I found Deacon, I never went back to anywhere else, they've helped us out through the years with the responsiveness. Leak repair is 24-hours / 365 days a year - they needed you five minutes ago. When we call, they help us figure out what it is we need to get, they have a lot of different specialty sealants to help us out with compaction rates, volumes, things like that. They get some of this stuff done for us ahead of time - figure it out so that when we show up we're ready to rock and roll. I can't say enough good things about the service and that really goes a long way when you're trying to work across the country like we do. What I found with Deacon products was that they have a variety of products that allow us to pick that temperature range and not get things so hot that it gets hard and it's been a big seller for us.

Jim Carter SOS Leak Repair, President
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Testimonial from Kevin Harroff

Over a 35-year career on the oilfield drilling rigs we've used Jet-Lube products a vast majority of the time. It's always been a good product, not just for Basin Drilling but through a bunch of drilling companies. At Basin Drilling, we think so much of Jet-Lube products that management encourages we use it all we can.

Kevin Harroff Basin Drilling, Rig Manager
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Testimonial from Rob Reynolds

We've been partnered with Jet-Lube for Southeast Asia distribution for 25 years, over those 25 years I've experienced lots of growth with Jet-Lube. The name recognition has really grown and expanded throughout the region and we've experienced year-on-year growth more or less uninterrupted for many years now. More and more regions are requesting the products by name so it's become less a function of converting customers to Jet Lube to people actually requesting Jet-Lube I think what sets Jet-Lube apart is staying ahead of the curve. The reliability, the reputation is there, the availability is there.

Rob Reynolds Oilwell Supply, Managing Director
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Testimonial from Tanner Hamilton

Once the word gets out amongst the rigs and our customers that we're offering Jet-Lube and the success that they've had on their rigs, it becomes contagious and other customers and other rigs start expanding their product line and wanting to use Jet-Lube products. Definitely top shelf quality for sure.

Tanner Hamilton GoExpedi
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Testimonial from Sujith Thazheveedu

We are in partner with Jet-Lube from last year, it's a short time but it's very good mileage on our company business. It's value added, we've got very reach with potential clients. They support us without any time delay, we are planning to keep very good inventory in Saudi Arabia to promote Jet-Lube further.

Sujith Thazheveedu SAAB Energy Solutions, Commercial Manager
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Testimonial from Jim Stuckey

We've been representing Jet-Lube in South America for over 30 years. We have two locations in Colombia, two locations in Ecuador, and two locations in Peru. Products are superior to any product in the market

Jim Stuckey SERPETCO
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