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Jet-Lube offers the Food & Beverage Industry a complete line of Performance Lubrication Products to ensure machines operate at maximum efficiency.

We offer a broad line of NSF Registered products consisting of Greases, Anti-Seizes, Lubricants, Oils and Cleaners to limit the risks of contamination. Our line also offers industry products that are Kosher & Halal Certified.

The machinery varies greatly in design and purpose within the food & beverage industry – from the bagger on a commercial ice machine, the capper on a bottle filler, the conveyor on a sandwich assembly line, the mixer in an industrial kettle – but contamination presents a special concern on all equipment.

Jet-Lube knows enforced government and voluntary industrial regulations are important to both food processors and their customers. We understand different areas of production bring consumables closer and closer in contact with machinery, and how vitally important to know - without a doubt, that non-food chemicals used to keep that machinery running smoothly are food-safe and reliable.

To meet these needs, Jet-Lube manufactures high-quality products, from incidental to direct contact. As a manufacturer of government-certified products, Jet-Lube identifies with the demands America’s food and beverage processors face.

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