Gear Oil FG
Food Grade Gear Oil - NSF H1

Jet-Lube® GEAR OIL FG is blended using a new generation base oil called Excelsior™. Most base oils used in industrial lubricants are yellow or amber in color. This “discoloration” is caused by a variety of impurities including traces of sulfur, nitrogen, and inferior aromatic oils. Nitrogen promotes oxidation and deposit formation. Aromatics have poor oxidation stability. Excelsior™ base oils are colorless and free of these materials. Excelsior oil is ideal for use in applications involving food machinery. In laboratory tests, Excelsior base oil shows a major reduction in evaporation loss. Oxidation stability exceeds that of convention base oils by 60-100%. These performance improvements translate into reduced carbon and varnish deposits. The result is longer oil and component life. GEAR OIL FG also contains effective antiwear additives to protect metal surfaces and reduce downtime due to component failure. It is NSF Registered for H-1 authorized and can be used in food plants where incidental contact with edible products may occur.

APPLICATIONS: In addition to parallel-shaft gearboxes, GEAR OIL FG is appropriate for moderately loaded worm gear drives, oiled bearings, and couplings.

GRADES: ISO 680, 1000, 80W-90 (For ISO 220), 85W-140 (For ISO 320 and 460)


  • EXCELLENT DEMULSIBILITY - separates readily from water.
  • REDUCES WEAR - protects against scoring, scuffing and galling to increase gear and bearing life.
  • EXTENDED OIL LIFE - free of impurities including traces of sulfur, nitrogen, and inferior aromatic oils.
  • IMPROVED ADHESIVENESS - insures a coating on the gears at start-up.


  • Certifications
    • NSF H1 Registered
    • Halal Certified
    • Kosher Certified

Product Numbers

United States

  • 79116 (ISO 680) - 5 GAL Pail - 35 LB
  • 79316 (ISO 1000) - 5 GAL Pail - 35 LB
  • 79326 (ISO 1000) - 55 GAL Drum - 400 LB
  • 60616 (80W-90) - 5 GAL Pail - 35 LB
  • 60626 (80W-90) - 55 GAL Drum - 400 LB
  • 60716 (85W-140) - 5 GAL Pail - 35 LB
  • 60726 (85W-140) - 55 GAL Drum - 400 LB