Lubricant & Penetrant

12|34 is an industrial penetrating, moisture displacing, lubricating and corrosion preventative lubricant and penetrant. It excels where saltwater, salt spray or other harsh environments are encountered. 12|34 gives total performance while being environmentally safe and easy to use.

<strong>Lubricates:</strong> Contains ashless extreme pressure additives and highly refined lubricating oils which provide superior protection and antiwear properties.

<strong>Penetrates:</strong> Rusted and frozen metal parts - studs, nuts, screws, pins, linkages - are easily loosened by means of superior “creepability.”

<strong>Removes Moisture:</strong> Moisture is lifted and displaced rather than trapped. Pores and crevices of surfaces are freed from moisture and are coated with a thin, non-greasy film that prevents additional moisture from clinging or entering.

<strong>Prevents Rust and Corrosion:</strong> Thin film adheres to metallic surfaces, providing positive, temporary protection against the formation of rust and corrosion, including electrolytic and galvanic corrosion common in salt environments.

<strong>Cleans:</strong> Low viscosity dissolves grease and oil for easy removal. Cleans dirt, dust and grit for easier penetration and quicker rust-busting.

<h3>Applications</h3><ul class="benefits"><li>(Industrial) MRO</li><li>Automotive</li><li>Motorcycles and Powersports</li><li>Marine and General Use</li><li>Frozen nuts and bolts</li><li>Rust Prevention</li><li>Chains</li></ul><ul class="benefits"><li>Cables</li><li>Door locks</li><li>Hinges</li><li>Tools</li><li>Firearms</li><li>Landscaping equipment</li><li>Much more</li></ul><div style="clear:both;"></div>


  • Non-evaporating
  • Non-conductive
  • Chemically stable
  • Never hardens or dries out
  • Economical to use
  • Contains no fluorocarbons or silicones


  • Base Materials
    • Amber
  • Certifications
    • Meets the Requirements of MIL-PRF-81309
  • Service Rating
    • -75°C to 150°C
    • -100°F to 300°F

Product Numbers


  • 37341CA - 12/case Aerosol - 312 g


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Jet-Lube 12|34 be used to dry wet ignition wires?

Yes, Jet-Lube 12|34 eliminates moisture on contact and moisture-proofs ignition components. It also dries other electrical connections.

Does Jet-Lube 12|34 prevent rust?

Yes, Jet-Lube 12|34 leaves a thin, protective film that excludes moisture and keeps rust from forming. It is excellent for preventing rust on machine parts and tools.

Does Jet-Lube 12|34 loosen stuck parts?

Yes, often in seconds! Jet-Lube 12|34 can free sticky carburetor butterfly valves, heat risers, chokes and control linkages, locks and so on.

Are Jet-Lube 12|34 and Jet-Lube 769 lubricants?

Yes, Jet-Lube 12|34 and Jet-Lube 769 thoroughly penetrate equipment with a high-quality all-purpose lubricating oil and additives to prevent wear. For applications that require a superior lubricant, Jet-Lube 769 is our preferred recommendation.

Can Jet-Lube 12|34 be used to lubricate chains and cables?

Yes, Jet-Lube 12|34 penetrates and lubricates chain plates, rollers, pins, drive and idler sprockets. When sprayed on cables, it penetrates to lubricate inner strands while forming an oily, protective film on inner strands and external surfaces to prevent rust. Jet-Lube 12|34 prevents rust on chains and cables in storage.

Does Jet-Lube 12|34 meet any military specifications?

Yes, Jet-Lube 12|34 meets the requirements of the current revision of Mil-PRF-81309 Type II Class II. This military specification is titled Corrosion Preventive Compounds, Water Displacing, Ultra-Thin Film in an aerosol can.

Can Jet-Lube 12|34 be used as cleaner/degreaser?

Yes, Jet-Lube 12|34 can be used as non-rinseable cleaner/degreaser. It dissolves oil and grease allowing you to wipe equipment clean. Follow the cleaning with a quick spray of Jet-Lube 12|34 and equipment is protected against rust.

Can Jet-Lube 12|34 be used to protect equipment and metal stock against rust and corrosion during outdoor storage?

We don’t recommend Jet-Lube 12|34 for this type of use. For long term indoor and outdoor storage we recommend Jet-Lube Rust-Guard. Rust-Guard leaves a durable, waxy film that excludes moisture and prevents rust. Rust-Guard protects for up to 1-year indoors and 6-months outdoors.

What are the differences between Jet-Lube 769 and Jet-Lube 12|34?

Jet-Lube 769 is an excellent spray lubricant and rust preventive. While Jet-Lube 12|34 is also a spray lubricant and rust preventive, it is an excellent penetrant. Jet-Lube 12|34 is our best all-around spray lubricant/penetrant/rust preventive.

What are Jet-Lube's offering for food grade spray lubricant/penetrants?

Jet-Lube 769 is an NSF H2 registered product. This means that the product is acceptable for use in food plant applications where there is no contact with the food being processed and packaged. Jet-Lube Magic Wrench is an NSF H1 spray lubricant. The NSF H1 registration indicates that the product is suitable for use in food plant applications where there may be incidental food contact. Jet-Lube Magic Wrench can be safely used on machinery used for producing, manufacturing, packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting, or holding food.

What does “incidental contact” mean?

“Incidental contact” refers to how contact of the lubricant to the food or its packaging occurs. It is not intentional. However, you must be careful, the limit for H1 lubricants in food is 10 parts per million (ppm) or 0.001% so care is needed for the application of all NSF H1 lubricants.

Does Jet-Lube 12|34 lubricant/penetrant contain silicone?

No, Jet-Lube 12|34 does not contain silicone.

What about California Proposition 65? Can these products be sold, used and carried into California?

Jet-Lube 12|34, Jet-Lube 769 and Jet-Lube Magic Wrench do not contain any substances known to the state of California to cause cancer, developmental and/or reproductive harm. They can be sold, used and carried into California without problem.

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