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To minimize downtime and to keep your products flowing, Jet-Lube has a complete line of valve sealants, lubricants, penetrants and packings to ensure your valves will operate at maximum efficiency. Regardless of your valve type or the fluid in your lines, Jet-Lube's valve maintenance products are formulated to exacting standards to accommodate all your needs and working environments.

From general purpose sealants for use where hydrocarbon resistance is important to specialized hydrogen sulfide, sour crude resistance is a requirement. Jet-Lube lubricants and sealants are formulated from blends of vegetable oils, synthetic oils and additives that are both chemically stable and naturally corrosion resistant.

Gate Valve Maintenance – No matter your location and weather conditions, pressure or the severity/causticity of the solution flowing through - Jet-Lube has a formulation that will fit your needs. 

Plug Valve Maintenance –  EZY-Turn sealants are specially formulated to conform to the tight tolerances plug valves require. Injected under pressure between the plug face and body seat they reduce friction and provide effective port sealing.

WKM Valves - No matter where your valves are located, how extreme the environment or the severity of the solution flowing through, we manufacture a formulation that will fit your needs.

Jet-Lube valve products seal against leakage and protect precision valves from scoring, galling, rust and corrosion. We are confident that you will find a Jet-Lube product that fits your equipment and application requirements.

Jet-Lube is proud to be an “approved” Valve Lubricant manufacturer for the WKM and Cameron lines of valve equipment.

Valve Maintenance Products

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