Deacon Rocket Filler
2-Part Epoxy

ROCKET FILLER is used for filling pits and building transitions prior to applying ROCKET FABRIC. The ROCKET WRAP composite repair system has been engineered, tested, and conforms to ASME PCC-2 for
High-Risk Non-Metallic Repairs.

Available Kit Sizes:
400 Gram Kit
800 Gram Kit
1200 Gram Kit
2400 Gram Kit


  • Thick and will not sag when applied in vertical and overhead applications
  • Designed to withstand elevated temperatures and harsh chemicals


  • Service Rating
    • Service: -50°F to 350°F (-46°C to 177°C)
    • Application: 50°F to 212°F (10°C to 100°C)

Product Numbers

United States

  • 111-FLR-400 - 400 Gram Kit (11.8 fl oz)
  • 111-FLR-800 - 800 Gram Kit (23.6 fl oz)
  • 111-FLR-1200 - 1200 Gram Kit (35.5 fl oz)
  • 111-FLR-2400 - 2400 Gram Kit (71 fl oz)


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