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Rockwall, Texas, December 14, 2021 – Jet-Lube, a leading innovator of products and services which increase the reliability, productivity, and lifespan of industrial assets, proudly brings to market industries’ first Low “E” Injectable Valve Stem Packings, Ezy-Pak Extreme, Ezy-Pak Extreme FA and Ezy-Pak PTFE LE.

“Ezy-Pak Extreme is a step forward for our portfolio supporting the petrochemical and refinery business. It has proven benefits from extensive testing in the field and supports the more stringent requirements we see coming in the industry,” said Doug Reid, Whitmore | Jet-Lube VP Marketing & Product Management.

Ideal for petrochemical, refining and pipeline valve maintenance needs, Ezy-Pak Extreme and Ezy-Pak Extreme FA (Fiber Added) are enhanced Low “E” (low emission) formulated packings using a balance of molybdenum disulfide and surface modified synthetic graphite, plus carbon fibers with Ezy-Pak Extreme FA. This unique combination provides lubrication and enhanced seal energizing properties for a wide variety of temperatures and pressures. Its composition allows the needed flow characteristic into valve stuffing boxes using high pressure injectable guns. “There is a strong desire for this type of product. Historically, thermo setting materials have been injected into the valve to stop packing leaks. This renders the valve non-operational, and it can no longer be opened or closed. Injecting Ezy-Pak Extreme and Ezy-Pak Extreme FA with its lubricating properties and easy flow formula, energizes the failed packing to stop the leak and allow the valve to remain operational,” said Tom Blake, Whitmore | Jet-Lube Industrial Sales Manager. Ezy-Pak Extreme and Ezy-Pak Extreme FA assure protection against rust, oxidation, and corrosion, and it will not harden, evaporate, or dry out. This formulation enhances the performance of braided, die formed or chevron/vee ring type packing materials. Ezy-Pak

Extreme and Ezy-Pak Extreme FA's blend of components helps prevent back flow of gases and caustic liquids. “There has been a need for a product such as Ezy-Pak Extreme and Ezy-Pak Extreme FA for a long time. The use of D&T for the repair of valves required to be compliant to a less than 100 ppm EPA leak definition has not been possible until now. With the use of Ezy-Pak Extreme and Ezy-Pak Extreme FA, users required to perform D&T repairs and install Low E/CLLT products are now capable of complying with two requirements with a single repair (Required use of Drill & Tap and meeting Low E definitions),” said Rodney Roth, Jet-Lube Consultant.

Ezy-Pak PTFE LE Low “E” (low emission) is a highly versatile and durable self-molding injectable sealant/packing that is ideal for use on all types of valves, stuffing boxes, pumps, and mechanical equipment.

Jet-Lube’s Low “E” Injectable Valve Packing Solutions, Ezy-Pak Extreme, Ezy-Pak Extreme FA, and Ezy-Pak PTFE LE are all specially formulated for D&T (Drill & Tap) programs to assist and seal packing materials where fugitive emission concerns are present. These packings help lubricate and seal once the packing material has failed, leaked or exceeded guaranteed life cycle.

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