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❄️As winter blankets the Northern Hemisphere, open pit mining faces a relentless battle against snow and sub-freezing temperatures. In this challenging environment, large mobile equipment like draglines and rope shovels are tasked with meeting digging and loading targets, regardless of the harsh weather conditions. Cold weather can compromise the reliability of these machines, leading to increased downtime and maintenance challenges. Components may freeze and lubricants may thicken, putting a strain on operational efficiency.

Challenge Accepted

  • In this challenging environment, Whitmore® SurStik® 800 Arctic emerges as the hero. This multi-service lubricant is meticulously crafted to conquer the challenges posed by cold mining conditions.

Built for Extremes

  • Reports from the Arctic Circle echo the success of SurStik® 800 Arctic, with rope shovels operating successfully at -40 °C (- 40°F).
  • SurStik 800 Arctic's robust and tenacious dark film becomes a shield against the adversities of extreme cold. It not only protects against over-lubrication but also ensures uninterrupted functionality of critical components such as shovel dipper sticks, open gears, and other highly loaded elements crucial for operational efficiency.
  • The high molecular weight polymers in SurStik 800 Arctic assure adhesion, enabling extended lubrication intervals.
  • SurStik 800 Arctic defies wet or freezing conditions, remaining pumpable even at extremely low temperatures. This attribute keeps shovels and draglines moving, ensuring production targets are met without compromise.

Demand and Trust

  • With proven performance under the harshest conditions, Whitmore witnesses a growing demand for SurStik 800 Arctic across cold regions. Trusted by mining operators, SurStik 800 Arctic meets the requirements of several major OEMs for shovels, draglines, and drills.

SurStik 800 Arctic isn't just a lubricant; it's a winter warrior that defies the challenges of extreme cold in mining operations. ❄️

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