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Lenay Wells - Operations Manager, Discreet Manufacturing Department

My name is Lenay Wells and I have been working for Whitmore Manufacturing for ten and a half years. In my role as an Operations Manager, I manage three awesome teams that produce the Air Sentry and Oil Safe product lines. My daily focus is on Safety, Scheduling, Build Time, and making sure each order leaves our facility on time, and with the highest standard of quality.

My favorite part of working for CSWI would be completing projects with my teams. After working weeks or months on a project that helps make our daily tasks more efficient or our customers happy it makes me feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that keeps me striving for more.

A fun fact about me is that I love learning to do home remodeling projects. YouTube “how to” videos are a life saver.

Teamwork is my favorite value. Sharing a common vision and working together to turn that vision into a reality is what makes us successful here at Whitmore. I am extremely lucky to have a dedicated team that likes to share their expertise and collaborate with me to come up with solutions for any problem.

Congratulations Lenay and thank you for your dedication and leadership you bring to your team and the company! - CSWI & Whitmore/Jet-Lube Family