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Edi Monsivais - Logistics Manager

Edi is a logistics manager who has been with Whitmore for 5 and a half years. He oversees the supply chain of purchasing and distribution process and manages the inventory of products stored within the warehouses. He also collaborates closely with product suppliers and carriers, negotiating shipping rates and building strong relationships. Edi ensures the logistical processes are running smoothly and meets with supervisors to determine which logistics improvements need to be made to increase productivity levels across the company.

Edi's favorite part about working at Whitmore is the support of leadership and the great team he has. Edi states, "Not a day goes by of how truly appreciative I am of what the team does for the company. Even through the hardest of times like during the Covid-19 outbreak, they went above and beyond to fulfill customer's orders and not let it affect our day-to-day operations. If there is one thing that makes me effective, it's the team I have working with me!"

A highlight about Edi is the immense pride he takes in his children. He has a daughter he's guiding on how to run a small business. Another daughter in college pursuing a career in the medical field, and a son who really likes playing football. Edi says his son's football team last year were champions with no losses and now that he's entering high school in the Fall, he can't wait to begin football camp and tryouts!

When asked to choose a favorite core value, he commented whole-heartedly, Teamwork. Not only does Edi recognize his department but also his internal departments as well. "We wouldn't be successful without them: sales, procurement, production, planning, marketing and customer service, all working together with one goal - to make our company great!"

Note: Edi wanted to be represented with his team in the photo and acknowledge the Spotlight award couldn't be done without them.

Congratulations Edi and thank you for your leadership and the success you and your team bring to the company! - CSWI & Whitmore/Jet-Lube family