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Deacon 8875 is a fibrous sealant / refractory hybrid that does not become weak or brittle, even in the most extreme temperature applications. Rated up to 1800F (982C) and 5,000 PSI (345 Bar), Deacon 8875 will expand in the presence of heat, filling in any voids/imperfections on flange faces. It can be used with or without a gasket to seal superheated steam, NOX gases, catalyst, exhaust, or hot air in pipelines and containment vessels. Typical applications include hot blast valve flanges, gas turbines, access doors, incinerators, burner isolation valves, and ductwork. Deacon 8875 will not cement flanges together and is fully compatible with thermal cycling.

Video - Steve Spiegel shows us how to use and apply Deacon 8875

Image - Damaged Flange Face

Tags: Turbine Casing, Flange Sealant, Thread Sealant, Gasket Dressing, Joint Sealant