JET-LUBE RUBBER LUBRICANT and MOLD RELEASE AGENT is a water-based, multi-purpose, environmentally safe silicone product it contains twice the silicone content of leading aerosols for increased protection.

  • Water-Based
  • High Silicone >15%
  • Chemically Inert
  • Easy to Apply
  • Environment Friendly
  • Excellent Lubricity
  • Excellent Release Properties
  • Fast sir cure
  • Thermally Stable to 500°F
  • Low Coefficient of Friction

Rubber Lubricant™

Water Based Mold Release Agent

Rubber Lubricant


When used as a RUBBER LUBRICANT, it provides a temporary, wet, slippery surface, and then either dries to a thin protective film, or is absorbed into natural or synthetic rubber.


As a MOLD RELEASE AGENT, extra heavy silicone content provides maximum release capability under severe conditions. It is excellent for all metal, plastic and rubber castings.


For applications where: Compression Molding, Injections Molding, Thermoset Plastic molding applications require a water-based silicone solution.


For use as a mold release agent on all metal, plastic and rubber castings under severe molding conditions.


Not recommended for oxygen service.


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16 oz trigger spray
1 gal jug
up to 260°C
up to 500°F
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