Recommended Products  

MANUFACTURING plants are as diverse as the products they produce. One grease is not going to fit all uses - Jet-Lube has a wide range of anti-seize, sealants and lubricants to fit each application.

So you can rely on Jet-Lube to supply the right product for the job.

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202 Moly-Lith - Multipurpose Grease with Moly
550 - Molybdenum Disulfide (Nonmetallic) Anti-Seize
769 - Lubricant and Penetrant
AP-1 - High-Temp Non-Melting Grease
AP-1W - High-Temp Non-Melting Grease
AP-5 - High Temperature Grease with MoS2
Arctic - Low-Temp Grease
CB-2 - Super-Lith Multi-Purpose Grease

CC Lube - Synthetic Food Machinery Grease
Clean-Up - Industrial Safety Solvent
Clean-Up Plus - Organic Solvent Cleaner and Degreaser
EMS - Water Based Silicone Lubricant Eco-Certified Product
EP Bearing Grease - Extreme Pressure Multi-Purpose
EP White Grease - Construction Grade Lithium Grease
Gear-Guard - Paste Lubricant

Graphite Petrolatum
Jet-Plex EP - Premium Multi-Purpose Lithium-Complex
Kiln Grease HT - Aluminum-Complex Grease with PTFE
Magic Wrench - Super Penetrant Eco-Certified Product
Marine MP - Water-Resistant #2 Lithium Grease

Marine Wire Rope & Hawser Grease - Lithium
Marine-Moly - Molybdenum Disulfide Paste

Moly Petrolatum


Moly Mist - MoS2 Dry Film Lubricant
MP Silicone Grease - Nonconductive
MP-50 - Low Friction Moly Paste Lubricant
Nikal - Pure Nickel Extreme-Temp Anti-Seize
Nikal Nuclear - Nuclear Grade Extreme-Temp Anti-Seize
Oven Chain Lubricant - Inorganic Synthetic Eco-Certified Product
Petro-Tape - PTFE Thread Seal Tape
PS Terminal - Plastic-Safe Electrical Contact Cleaner
Rubber Lubricant - Water-Based Rubber Lubricant/Mold Release
Silicone Compound DM - Silicone Dielectric Grease
Silver Plus Regular - Anti-Seize and Thread Lubricant
SS-30 - Pure Copper High-Temp Anti-Seize
Temp-Guard - Synthetic High-Temp Grease
TF-25 - Heavy-Duty Thread Sealant with PTFE
TFW - Thread Sealant with PTFE
V-2 - PTFE Thread Sealant
White Knight - Food-Grade Anti-Seize Eco-Certified Product
White Lithium - All-Purpose Grease with PTFE
WRL - Wire Rope and Chain Lubricant/Oil
Zinc Dust Petrolatum
Z-Plate - Zinc-Rich Galvanize