HDD Environmental
Nonmetallic Tool Joint Compound

HDD Environmental is a premium quality, nonmetallic, non-conductive compound that incorporates natural extreme pressure and antiwear additives. These components are carefully blended into JET-LUBE’s all-weather calcium complex base grease. The innovative base grease provides the added benefits of low-temperature application and service, excellent adhesion to wet steel surfaces, resistance to water wash-off, and resilience against various drilling muds.

HDD Environmental solids package is formulated to prevent excessive circumferential makeup by
increasing the coefficient of friction under compressive forces. As stress levels rise above 50% of yield, the friction factor increases, limiting downhole makeup. Full hydraulic joint efficiency is maintained allowing joint shoulder faces to mate completely without standoff or deformation. HDD Environmental, with frictional properties similar to KOPR-KOTE®, has been designed to utilize the makeup charts in API
RP7G by multiplying the listed torque by 1.00. Adjusting make-up torque based on the connection manufacturer recommendations, prior experience, standard operating procedures, and
specifications is advisable.


  • Excellent performance on high-chrome or nickel alloys
  • Contains no metals
  • Extreme-pressure additives provide additional protection against seizing and galling
  • Nonconductive for MWD applications
  • Pumpability makes it ideal for HDD and other construction drilling applications


  • Base Materials
    • Calcium Complex / Petroleum
  • Friction /
    • Friction Factor* Relative to API RP 7G 1.0
  • Certifications
    Product Certification
    • NSF-61 Certified
  • Service Rating
    • -40°F (-40°C) to 350°F (177°C)

Product Numbers

United States

  • 83423 -1 GAL Pail
  • 83411 - 2 GAL Pail (Clear)
  • 83415 - 5 GAL Pail


  • 83423CA -1 GAL Pail
  • 83411CA - 2 GAL Pail (Clear)
  • 83415CA - 5 GAL Pail - 22.68 KG


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