Chemically Inert PTFE Thread Sealant

A non-hardening, non-reactive, hydrocarbon free,
self-lubricating thread sealant. Formulated to
be corrosion inhibiting, non-migrating, and
odorless, DEACON 275-CHLORINE contains no
solvents and has excellent anti-seize
properties. It's designed for use on chlorine,
aggressive chemicals, and powerful oxidizers.


  • Base Materials
    • PTFE
  • Service Rating
    • -50°F (-45°C) to 400°F (204°C)
    • Up to 10,000 psi (689 Bar)

Product Numbers

United States

  • 111-275-CHLORINE 8 OZ - 8 OZ Jar (Plastic)

United Kingdom

  • 111-275-CHLORINE 8 OZ - 0.23L Jar (Plastic)


  • 111-275-CHLORINE 8 OZ - 0.23L Jar (Plastic)