Graphite Petrolatum

GRAPHITE PETROLATUM is intended to prevent seizing during assembly or disassembly of aircraft engine spark plugs and threaded fasteners and fittings at temperatures below 900°F (482°C). This product contains graphite, which may promote corrosion of aluminum, ferrous, magnesium, zinc or cadmium alloys or plated surfaces and should not be used in contact with these metals where galvanic corrosion conditions exist.

GRAPHITE PETROLATUM must not come in contact with spark plug terminals or electrodes.
Due to the high evaporation rate of the petrolatum constituent, this compound is not suitable for use on the threaded or unthreaded components of such equipment as optical instruments where the vapors may adversely affect associated components, e.g., lenses, prisms and other optical elements.


  • Lowers friction
  • Reduces wrench torque
  • Permits reuse of fittings, saves stud, bolt & nut replacement
  • Water-resistant


  • Base Materials
    • Wax / Mineral Oils
  • Friction /
    • (Nut-Factor) - 0.13 - Carbon Steel Alloy @ 60,000 PSI Contact Stress
  • Certifications
    • SAE-AMS-2518 (formerly MIL-T-5544C)
    • NATO Stock Number 9150-99-910-0528 (500 g can)
    • National Stock Number 8030-01-044-5034 (1 lb. can)
  • Service Rating
    • -65°F to 900°F
    • -54°C to 482°C

Product Numbers

United States

  • 27203 - 1 LB - 12/case Brushtop Can - 1 LB 

United Kingdom

  • JA27203 - 1 LB - 12/case Brushtop Can - 454 G


  • 27203CA - 1 LB - 12/case Brushtop Can - 454 G