Pump Packing

A pliable material that does not harden, become brittle, glaze, or crumble. DEACON PUMP 44 is a fibrous (putty-like) graphite based compound that contains a non-melting synthetic carrier and protects to 1000F. It lubricates internal surfaces to minimize the effects of deterioration or wear. Because Pump 44 is a putty-like compound, it acts as a sealant and lubricant in application. Friction and wear, normally created by standard braided packing which seals by pressing and binding against the shaft, is reduced to a minimum.


  • Base Materials
    • Graphite
  • Service Rating
    • -100°F to 1000°F

Product Numbers

United States

  • 111-PUMP-44 1 LB - 16 OZ Jar (Plastic)

United Kingdom

  • 111-PUMP-44 1 LB - 0.45KG Jar (Plastic)


  • 111-PUMP-44 1 LB - 0.45KG Jar (Plastic)


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