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Plug Valve Maintenance
Jet-Lube EZY-Turn sealants are formulated to conform to the tight tolerances plug valves require. Injected under pressure between the plug face and body seat they reduce friction and provide effective port sealing. Jet-Lube lubricants have formulations that are compatible with all your process fluid and operating conditions.

Valves Maintenance - Gate Valves


Plug Valve Products

EZY-Turn #3 Arctic - Gate & Plug Valve Sealant

EZY-Turn #3 - Plug Valve Sealant

EZY-Turn #8 - Plug Valve Sealant


Penetrant, Rust and Varnish Remover

EZY-Open Gel - Valve Penetrant

Injectable Packings

EZY-Pak #100 - White

EZY-Pak #115 - Green

EZY-Pak #125 - Arctic Sealant