Pump Packing

A permanently pliable material that does not harden, become brittle, glaze or crumble. DEACON PUMP 99 is virtually chemical inert in operation up to 500°F. It is a fibrous (putty-like) compound designed for high temperature and high pressure pump packing applications. PTFE fibers and fillers add lubricity and chemical resistance to the pliable base. This is further enhanced by the inclusion of various materials that readily conform into voids left from abrasion wear and scratches on shafts and other moving parts. This matrix forms a high viscosity coating on the interior surfaces of the gland area. In this way, DEACON Pump 99 lubricates internal surfaces to minimize the effects of deterioration or wear. Because DEACON Pump 99 is a putty-like compound, it acts as a sealant and lubricant in application. Friction and wear, normally created by standard braided packing which creates it seal through pressing and binding against the shaft, is reduced to a minimum.


  • Base Materials
    • PTFE
  • Service Rating
    • -50°F to 450°F
    • 0 to 300 PSI

Product Numbers

United States

  • 111-PUMP-99 1 LB TUB - 16 OZ Jar (Plastic)

United Kingdom

  • 111-PUMP-99 1 LB TUB - 0.45KG Jar (Plastic)


  • 111-PUMP-99 1 LB TUB - 0.45KG Jar (Plastic)


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