EZY-Open™ Liquid
Valve Penetrant

Valve penetrant designed to penetrate scale, rust, corrosion and old oxidized hardened valve lubricants which can disable or make valves extremely difficult to operate. EZY-OPEN LIQUID contains a powerful dispersant and detergent to aid in the removal of gum and lacquer, metal wetting agents to aid in the penetration of scale and rust, and PTFE to reduce the torque required to break the valve-free.


  • Base Materials
    • PTFE & Dispersant, Detergents / Vegetable Oils & Ester
  • Service Rating
    • -10°F to 400°F
    • -23°C to 204°C

Product Numbers

United States

  • 98920 - 5 GAL Pail (Metal) - 35 LB

United Kingdom

  • JA98920 - 5 GAL Pail (Metal) - 15.88 KG


  • 98920CA - 5 GAL Pail (Metal) - 15.88 KG