Deacon High Temperature Sealants

High Temperature Thread Sealants

DEACON thread sealants are designed for use on NPT or straight threads in applications ranging from -60°F (-51°C) to 1800°F (982°C) and pressures up to 11,000 PSI (758 Bar), as well as vacuum. These products are categorized as Paste, Liquid, PTFE, or Rubber Sealants and can be applied to fine or coarse fittings to prevent leakage from steam, hydrocarbons, oils, exhaust gas, and various chemical environments.

Target industries include Petrochemical, Power Generation, Construction, Pulp & Paper, Manufacturing, Steel, and other commercial operations when achieving a leak-free seal and preventing galling on various similar and dissimilar connections is crucial.

DEACON Paste and Liquid sealants cure with heat and have a minimum temperature range that is established to demonstrate the least amount of heat required to reach a full cure. Once a full cure is achieved, the products can be used below the minimum temperature as thermal cycling is common. The cured state is best described as a "plastic-like" consistency that is neither hard nor brittle and allows for future disassembly of the joint.

High Temperature Thread Sealant Product Categories

Product Categories:
Paste Sealants   |   Liquid Sealants   |   PTFE Sealants   |   Rubber Sealants

Paste Sealants

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