Lead/Zinc-Free High-Pressure Thread Compound

MODIFIED-LZF our most recently introduced high-pressure sealant and drilling compound is patented and designed as a lead-free alternate for API-MODIFIED. MODIFIED-LZF contains copper flake and graphite as well as other nonmetallic, inorganic, extreme pressure, and anti-wear additives. It contains a balanced package of rust, corrosion, and oxidation inhibitors blended into a high-quality aluminum complex base grease. The aluminum complex grease provides a high melting point and excellent inherent water resistance; allowing it to stick to wet steel and ensuring that the compound will not wash off threads.

<h3>Applications</h3>Recommended for use on premium and OCTG connections, flow lines, subsurface production tools, and tank battery installation. MODIFIED-LZF will lubricate, seal, and protect threaded connections of oilfield tubular goods on makeup, in service and in storage. The aluminum complex grease base is excellent for use on connections exposed to high concentrations of moisture.
- For a metal-free alternative and in applications using nickel or chrome alloy premium connections use SEAL-GUARD™.


  • Contains no zinc, eliminating the potential for hydrogen gas evolution
  • Contains additives for protection against rust, corrosion and oxidation
  • Sticks to wet or oily threads
  • Prevents leakage (seals to 10,000 psi)
  • High film strength to protect against wear, galling and seizure
  • H2S inhibited
  • Brushable over a wide range of temperatures


  • Base Materials
    • Complex Soap/Petroleum
  • Friction /
    • 1.0 (Relative to API-MODIFIED)
  • Certifications
    • Exceeds all of the performance criteria described in API spec. 5CT and set forth in API RP 5A3
  • Service Rating
    • 0°F to 450°F
    • -18°C to 232°C

Product Numbers

United States

  • 21823 - 1 GAL Pail - 10 LB
  • 21812 - 2 GAL Pail - 20 LB
  • 21815 - 5 GAL Pail - 50 LB

United Kingdom

  • JA21810 - 2 GAL Pail - 9 KG
  • JA21817 - 5 GAL Pail (Metal) - 20 KG


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