Double-Duty Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compound

LBX SPECIAL, an environmentally-friendly copper-based, double-duty drill collar and tool joint compound, has been formulated to provide a superior level of performance for the increasing demands of today’s oilfield market. The lead and zinc free formulation contains copper flake as the only metallic component and is fortified by a unique blend of natural, inorganic, extreme-pressure, and antiwear additives. LBX-Special utilizes our EXTREME base grease which is resistant to invert or high-pH muds and provides better pipe storage properties. Only available in Canada.


  • Contains no lead or zinc
  • Formulated with a proprietary blend of copper, graphite, and other additives for protection and prevention of excessive circumferential makeup in hostile drilling environments
  • Great running & storage capability
  • Excellent resistance to makeup downhole
  • Inhibitors protect against rust and corrosion
  • Consistent rig floor makeup
  • Sticks to wet joints
  • Special complex base for brushability and stability over a wide temperature range
  • Available in arctic grade


  • Base Materials
    • Complex / Petroleum
  • Friction /
    • 1.15 (Standard service) (Relative to API RP 7G)
  • Certifications
    • Not classified as a marine pollutant - DOT Approval CA2006100003
  • Service Rating
    • -18°C to 205°C
    • 0°F to 400°F

Product Numbers


  • 11023CA - 1 GAL Pail - 4.1 KG
  • 11010CA - 2 GAL Pail - 8.6 KG
  • 11015CA - 5 GAL Pail - 20.41 KG


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