Thread Lock / Two-Part Epoxy

Two-part, zinc-free epoxy with nonmetallic fillers that can be used to permanently lock threaded connections under normal operating conditions. JET-LOK III uses a new catalyst for added pot life and durability with lower toxicity and less heat generation, making it the optimum choice for its recommended applications. It is specially designed for use on all threaded joints or fasteners where an exceptionally strong and durable bond is required.

Ideal on drilling tools, casing, and other tubulars where the effective prevention of joint loosening is required.


  • Zinc-Free
  • Added Pot Life and Durability with Lower Toxicity and Less Heat Generation

Product Numbers

United States

  • 60934 - KIT (Resin & Activator) - 2 OZ
  • 60967 - KIT (Resin & Activator) - 8 OZ

United Kingdom

  • JA60934 - KIT (Resin & Activator) - 56.5 G
  • JA60967 - KIT (Resin & Activator) - 227 G


  • 60934CA - KIT (Resin & Activator) - 56.5 G
  • 60967CA - KIT (Resin & Activator) - 227 G