JET-LUBE RUN-N-SEAL ECF (Environmental Compound Formula) is a patented metal-free, high-pressure sealant compound containing graphite and other nonmetallic, inorganic, anti-wear additives blended into a high-quality lithium complex base grease.

The lithium complex grease provides a high melting point, ensures brushability over a wide range of temperatures, and has excellent inherent water resistance.

  • Patented metal-free
  • Non-metallic, inorganic, anti-wear additives
  • Friction factor of 0.9 relative to API-Modified
  • Contains additives for protection against rust, corrosion, and oxidation
  • Prevents leakage
  • H2S inhibited

Run-N-Seal® ECF

Tubing and Casing Running Compound

Run N Seal ECF

Ospar Commission-HOCNF (Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format)
Classification: "Yellow" rating for Norway
Classification: "E" for the United Kingdom and the Netherlands

High-pressure sealant alternative for API-Modified. Provides an excellent seal in large and small diameter, non-shouldered threads. High film strength to protect against wear, galling, and seizure. Exceeds all of the performance criteria described in API spec 5CT and tested in conformance with API RP 5A3.






For use on OCTG Connections, Flow lines as a thread sealant. Ideally suited for 8-Round buttress threads. Specialized formulata for cold weather claimants. Designed to stick to cold steel threads and collars. This formula has multipurpose functions as it is designed to be used on large and small diameter, non-shouldered threads and connections.


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5 gal pail
50 gal drum
0°F to 450°F
-18°C to 232°C
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Also available in an Arctic Formula Run-N-Seal Arctic

Also available in an Extreme Formula Run-N-Seal Extreme

Also available in an Extreme Formula Run-N-Seal Extreme AWG

Also available in an H2S Formula Run-N-Seal H2S