Packaging & Labeling

*Whitmore Manufacturing does not authorize anyone/any company to use its brand names as their domain.

You can obtain logos of our Jet-Lube® and Deaconan® product lines by contacting If you are interested in private labeling any of our products, contact your local Sales Representative or for more information.

Products sold in the United States

For products sold in the United States, we will provide the standard U.S.A. SDS document and packages will have labels with the appropriate GHS information.

Products sold outside the United States

If your local market has different SDS and GHS requirements, we will provide a local language SDS with the required health and safety language and pictograms for the country. Contact to request the document(s).

Editable pdf files for Jet-Lube branded labels are available for other countries. Contact to request these labels and guidelines.

Distributors are responsible for sending customers the translated SDS and re-labeling packages with local language GHS information for sale in their market.

Jet-Lube® Branding

Full Color Logo Black Logo White Logo
Full Color Logo
Jet-Lube® Logo | Color | Small Jet-Lube® Logo | Black | Small Jet-Lube® Logo | White | Small
Black Logo
Jet-Lube® Logo | Color | Medium Jet-Lube® Logo | Black | Medium Jet-Lube® Logo | White | Medium
White Logo
Jet-Lube® Logo | Color | Large Jet-Lube® Logo | Black | Large Jet-Lube® Logo | White | Large

DEACON® Branding

Full Color Logo Black Logo White Logo
Full Color Logo
DEACON® Logo | Color | Small DEACON® Logo | Black | Small DEACON® Logo | White | Small
Black Logo
DEACON® Logo | Color | Medium DEACON® Logo | Black | Medium DEACON® Logo | White | Medium
White Logo
DEACON® Logo | Color | Large DEACON® Logo | Black | Large DEACON® Logo | White | Large