As with all industries, the machinery varies greatly in design and purpose – the bagger on a commercial ice machine, the capper on a bottle filler, the conveyor on a sandwich assembly line, the mixer in an indusrial kettle – but the contamination presents a special concern.


To meet these needs, Jet-Lube provides a range of high-quality, food safe products in varying grades, from incidental to direct contact.


Food Service Products


CC Lube™ - Synthetic Food Machinery Grease Eco-Certified Products

Magic Wrench® - Synthetic Super Penetrant Eco-Certified Products

Magic Wrench® Aerosol - Synthetic Super Penetrant Eco-Certified Products

Oven Chain Lubricant™ - Inorganic Synthetic Eco-Certified Products

White Knight™ - Food-Grade Anti-Seize Eco-Certified Products