Extreme Products for Extreme Conditions. Jet-Lube’s line-up of E.P. Greases are formulated to take the pressure and provide the performance wherever they are used.


E.P. Greases


Aluminum Complex

Alco EP™ - Premium Multi-Purpose Grease

Kiln Grease HT™ - High Temperature Lubricant



AP-1™ - High-Temp Non-Melting Grease

AP-1W - High-Temp Non-Melting Grease

AP-5™ - High-Temp Non-Melting Grease with Moly



Arctic™ - Low-Temp Grease




#202 Moly-Lith™ - Multipurpose Grease with Moly

CB-2™ - Super-Lith Multi-Purpose Grease

EP Bearing Grease™ - Lithium BLGI Grade 2

EP White - Construction-Grade Lithium Grease

Jet-Plex-EP™ - Premium Multipurpose Lithium-Complex

White Lithium Grease - All-Purpose Grease with PTFE


Silicone Grease

MP Silicone Grease™ - Nonconductive NSF H1

Silicone Compound DM™ - Silicone Dielectric Grease\



Temp-Guard™ - Synthetic High-Temp Grease