Anti-Seizes & Thread Lubricants

Jet-Lube anti-seize compounds are a family of premium products developed to protect and lubricate metal fasteners and parts from rust, corrosion, galling and metal-to-metal contact. All Jet-Lube anti-seize products contain the highest percentage of copper, nickel or moly flake, in an extreme temperature, chemical resistant, food grade grease base. This exclusive grease base suspends all of the components for each type of anti-seize in a uniform configuration that allows proper particle distribution necessary to plate on the surface of the threaded part under load. This plating action of components is a key factor for reaching proper torque loads and will aid in the disassembly of the fastener without damage. This type of engineering and technology is what sets Jet-Lube products apart from the competition.

Anti-Seizes & Thread Lubricants Products

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