MP Silicone Grease™
Moisture-Proofing Non-Conductive Lubricant - NSF H1

A premium silicone grease for use in a wide variety of applications. MP SILICONE GREASE is ideal for lubricating and moisture proofing marine, automotive - cars & trucks, aircraft ignition systems, electrical assemblies, cable connections, battery terminals and spark plug connectors. It can also be used as a release agent and lubricant for both plastic and metal parts. The low volatility and inert properties allow it to be used on a wide range of elastomers and plastics.

(Exception: The Squeeze tube is not yet offered in Canada or United Kingdom. The MP Silicone tube pack size is ONLY manufactured as U.S. labeled product currently.)


  • NSF H-1 Registered & Halal Certified
  • Will not carbonize at high temperatures
  • Water-resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Wide temperature range
  • Translucent paste
  • Highly resistant to oxidation and sheer breakdown


  • Base Materials
    • Silicone
  • Certifications
    • NSF H1 Registered #127362
    • Dielectric strength: 29.7 kV (per MIL-S8660C)
    • Dielectric Constant: 2.78 (ASTM D150)
  • Service Rating
    • -70°F to 400°F
    • -57°C to 204°C

Product Numbers

United States

  • 32460 - Tube - 5 OZ
  • 32450 - 30/case Cartridges - 36 LB (case)
  • 32416 - 5 GAL Pail - 35 LB
  • 32429 - 50-55 GAL Drum - 400 LB


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