CSC Grease FG 2
Food Grade Extreme-Service Grease

Jet-Lube® CSC GREASE FG 2 is an extreme pressure grease that is both “food grade” and a true high-performance product, suitable for a wide variety of applications including the most severe. The thickener in CSC GREASE FG 2 is based on calcium sulfonate, a powerful anti-rust agent. The finished grease resists water and prevents corrosion, even protecting from acidic fumes and caustic chemicals. In situations where water gets past the bearing seals, CSC GREASE FG 2 will not break down and become runny. When water gets into contact with the grease it thickens. This unusual feature causes a “collar” of stiffer grease to form behind the seal, preventing further entry of water.

Although CSC GREASE FG 2 is suitable for use in slow-moving, highly loaded bearings, it can also be used with confidence in higher speed equipment such as electric motor bearings.

CSC GREASE FG 2 is very versatile and may be used to lubricate bearings, bushings, slides, rollers and cam followers. It can also be used as an antirust film and as a release agent for gaskets and seals. CSC GREASE FG 2 can withstand the effects of steam as well as harsh temperature extremes.


  • EXTREME PROTECTION – protects from wear under the most punishing high load.
  • WATER AND CHEMICAL-RESISTANT - superior ability to resist washing out of bearings, both in production and during wash downs.
  • STABLE – contains an NSF-approved preservative that limits the growth of bacteria.


  • Base Materials
    • Calcium Sulfonate Complex
  • Certifications
    • NSF H1 Registered
    • Kosher Certified
    • Halal Certified

Product Numbers

United States

  • 29050 - 30/case Cartridges - 14 OZ
  • 29015 - 5 GAL Pail - 35 LB
  • 29024 - 15 GAL Keg - 120 LB
  • 29029 - 55 GAL Drum - 400 LB


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