JET-LUBE HPHT™ thread compound has been specifically formulated to meet high performance requirements of proprietary, metal-to-metal seal and high interference connection. It is designed utilizing today’s high-performance materials, which include “super” chrome and high-alloy steels.

  • Biodegradable & Eco-safe, Metal free
  • Low volatility at temperatures up to 232°C
  • Frictional properties equivalent to API MODIFIED
  • High film strength to protect against galling
  • Balanced solids content and size to accommodate premium mechanical seal & 8-round connection design requirements
  • Ideal for use on high-chrome connections
  • Sticks to wet or oily threads


High-Pressure, High-Temp Thread Compound



The particle size of HPHT was selected which also allows it to seal 8-round & buttress thread forms. For large clearance, thread seal connection designs JET-LUBE® RUN N SEAL ECF is advised


.JET-LUBE® HPHT™ thread compound is an advanced base grease that is a carefully selected balance of synthetic oils with a biodegradable grease thickener technology. JET-LUBE® HPHT™ thread compound provides excellent adhesion and stability yet biodegrades and is environmentally safe based upon the HOCNF guidelines. The result is superior lubrication and ancillary sealing under high loads with galling resistance equivalent to heavy metal-based compounds in a totally metal-free formulation. In lab tests, JET-LUBE® HPHT™ thread compound has a friction factor equivalent to API MODIFIED. However, there may be connection types with which a higher/lower friction factor is incurred.



Recommended for use on premium mechanical seal & 8-
round connections.


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9 lb / 4 kg pail
49 lb / 22 kg pail
-30°F to 450°F
-34°C to 232°C
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