JET-LUBE EZY-TURN #196 (JL Special 196) is a premium sealant formulated from a unique blend of high viscosity gas resistant synthetic and vegetable based oils for use in all valve types. Ideal sealant for service applications involving gases, distillates, dilute acids and steam.

Will not flush downstream as the valve cycles and will not be affected by pigging process in pipeline valves.

  • Color: Gold
  • Density: 11.0
  • Dropping Point: None
  • Inorganic Thickener
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Toxic
  • Vegetable Oil base grease

EZY-Turn® #196

High Temp / High Pressure Valve Seat Sealant & Body Filler

Ezy Turn 3


EZY-TURN #196 contains special space age polymeric fibers and other sliding lubricants to enhance sealability in extreme applications. Although designed for expanding gate type valves, EZY-TURN #196 is used effectively on many other valve types.



Oilfield: EZY-TURN #196 has been formulated for use in production oilfield situations (Christmas trees, line valves) where a variety of service conditions may be required. This is a premium product and should be used where typical solid fillers mandated in the “peanut butter” type sealants do not work. The new space age polymeric fibers add greater performance for extreme services.


Industrial and Marine: EZY-TURN #196 is also recommended for gate valve applications requiring resistance to hydrocarbon or hydrocarbon/water mixtures.


Not recommended for use with oxygen or strong oxidizers


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5 qt can
5 gal pail
15 gal drum
50 gal drum
-25°F to 600°F
-32°C to 316°C
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