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The Simmons Feed Ingredients plant in Southwest City, Missouri, produces high-quality animal nutrition for pet food, aquaculture and livestock. In the past the facility experienced recurring equipment failures, some costing over $200,000. Due to this, reactive maintenance was needed and parts were ordered after machines broke down. Work orders were generated to fix the “Band-Aided” equipment during the next scheduled downtime.

Simmons also had inadequate lubricant selection practices and didn’t protect its oil storage system from water and other contaminants. The plant did not have an oil analysis program, and its lubrication training and filtration of gear units were deficient.

Simmons lubrication team (Left to right) Tim Newman, Kyle Rubeck and William Hada


• Continuous equipment failure related to the lubrication management costing more than $200,000 US dlls

• Select the right equipment to eliminate and reduce particle and water contamination in our equipment

Solution: OilSafe with Air Sentry

Bulk storage & dispensing, grease equipment identification, Oil Transfer Equipment, Spill Control and Storage & Handling

Product Recommendation

OilSafe®, is the best reliable choice for smart, safe storage and transfer. OilSafe lubrication management products establish best practices throughout your workflow. Every step is color-coded to eliminate risk and human error - simplifying maintenance extending the life of the machines that make your product. And keep your business running.

Oil-dispensing station


• Savings of ~$1,000,000 US dlls

• Reduction in lost production and reduced breakdowns up to 50%

• Lubricant integrity maintained through contamination control