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The grease gun is one of the most common tools you'll see in your shop or manufacturing plant. It's likely something you use regularly without much thought but it's important to know its inner-workings, its various applications and components and the general best practices for using a grease gun.

For example, most maintenance departments use multiple types of grease guns, which can lead to cross-contamination and an incorrect output measurement.

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Credit - Machinery Lubrication by Noria

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How to Select The Right Grease Gun

Check out Oil Safe's Grease Gun Line to include: Pistol & Lever Grip Manual Grease Guns and Battery-Operated Grease Guns - available in steel or clear tubes in 10 Oil Safe standard colors.

Steel Body Grease Gun w/ Pistol Grip

Steel Body Grease Gun w/Lever Grip

Clear Body Grease Gun w/ Pistol Grip

Clear Body Grease Gun w/ Lever Grip

Steel / Clear Body Battery-Operated Grease Gun

Best practices for grease lubricating your equipment