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In the article “Sizing Up a Fluid Situation” from Engineering & Mining Journal (May 2020), author Russell A. Carter takes a look at how fuel-service and lube vendors offer many products and services options to avoid problems, save money and maintain asset health and performance.

Here’s an extract of this interesting publication

Noria Corp., a lubrication consulting and training company, recommends that instead of using manufacturer brand names for tagging equipment and lubricants, companies should consider using codes from the ISO 6743 Lubricant Identification System (LIS). This avoids the necessity of retagging equipment and storage devices if operations lubricant suppliers change.

Once labeled, lubrication products should be stored and dispensed with equal care. Whitmore Manufacturing’s new Lustor™ lubrication storage and dispensing system offer a scalable solution.

“World-class maintenance and oil cleanliness requires processes and equipment that are both robust and easy to use,” said Doug Reid, vice president of product development. “The new Lustor™ line helps companies extend the life of their fluids with a compact, durable and easy-to-use unit that fits almost any industrial location. It provides high-quality filtration and the modular design allows customers to add on additional units to cover as many lubricating oils as they want.”

“Without protection, operational fluids are degraded, leading to higher fluid replacement costs and ultimately shorter life for the valuable equipment companies rely

on. In the future, as machinery becomes more advanced, prevention and protection will be an even higher priority,” Vice President of Global Sales Joel Garrett said.

The systems, according to Whitmore, are designed for customization and expandability.

Three different configurations are offered: a wall mount with no reservoir, for use with drums or totes, and 65-gallon (250-liter) or 130-gallon versions.

Optional equipment includes custom fluid ID labels, 3 μm or 20 μm filters, pneumatic 5:1 pump, spill containment and color-coded quick connects.

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